#GRIDLIFE is an event that has been taking the car community by storm.  It combines HPDE, Time Attack, Drifting, Show, and music to be one of the most diverse events here in the US.  I was privileged to have been asked at the beginning to be one of the staff photographers designated to capture the excitement on the track and on the grid.



IMG_9747_wide IMG_9376_wide IMG_9308 IMG_9149 IMG_9134 IMG_9125 IMG_9111_wide IMG_9040 IMG_8994_wide IMG_8921_wide IMG_8921_2_wide IMG_8882 IMG_8778 IMG_8703 IMG_8449_wide IMG_8361 IMG_8054 IMG_7869 IMG_7803_widebanner IMG_7755 IMG_7748 IMG_7691_wide IMG_7311_wide IMG_7221_wide IMG_7174_wide IMG_7050_wide IMG_6912_wide IMG_6796 IMG_6629_wide IMG_6624_wide IMG_6621 IMG_6609 IMG_6607_wide IMG_6397_wide_fbook IMG_6334 IMG_0986_wide IMG_0827IMG_0795

IMG_0719_wide IMG_0648_wide IMG_0645 IMG_0255_wide IMG_0079_wide

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