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Best of GRIDLIFE 2016

I have been fortunate to be a part of one of the most dynamic motorsports events in the country. 2016 was a year that brought the GRIDLIFE experience outside of the Midwest for the first time in it’s 3 year history. I’ve put together some of my favorite images from Round 1: Gingerman Raceway(GMR), Round 2: Autobahn Country Club (ABCC), and new this year Round 3: Road Atlanta (RATL). Primarily all On-Track and Grid content. Enjoy.


GMR: Ryan Tuerck chases down Geoff Stoneback in Chris Forsberg’s “M56” with Larry Chen shooting remote from Matt Farrah’s loaner M2 Coupe.


GMR: Rob Parson’s RHD hand controlled drift machine threw some serious smoke.


GMR: Jordan Connor’s Pontiac Solstice powered Datsun 510 is one of the raddest builds this year in one of my favorite chassis.


GMR: Dirk Stratton was another one of the Pros who came to Gingerman to shred.


GMR: The Professional Awesome Racing Evo piloted by Daniel O’Donnell suffered some bad luck last year but came out this year strong throwing down one of the fastest times of the weekend.


GMR: With GMR being our home turf it typically has the highest turnout of drivers. The sessions are always full and the Grid is always busy with a wide variety of makes and models…and often a little dirt being thrown in the background.


GMR: Some of the top tier/fastest drivers in our Time Attack pilot some very fast Evos. Here we see Brandon Ranvek in an RS Motors Evo, Daniel O’Donnell in the Professional Awesome Evo, and Andy Smedegard in the GRIDLIFE livery Evo.


GMR: Ryan Tuerck was one of the first current Formula D drivers to come hit Gingerman last year. He returned again in his 2JZ FRS to slay turn 1 with more 100mph entries.


GMR: Ken Wagan brought an insane widebody FD sporting some aggressive aero.


GMR: This Z4 was sporting a CF widebody kit and was as fast as it looked.


GMR: Mike Lee is always up to some Track Rat Shit. So much so that this photo made it onto a shirt that we debuted at Road Atlanta. Jordan Connor later made a shirt of a picture of him wearing said shirt. Hat tip to JDMC Ginash for the creative development.


GMR: The Rival House dudes came to party with some nasty domestic chassis.


GMR: Simba and Club FR were fundamental to the drifting aspect of GRIDLIFE. His S13 somehow always looks immaculate despite beaing repeatedly thrashed on track.


Brian Peters’ 2J FC. Another driver who dabbled in Formula D.


Canadian built S15.


ABCC: Round two at Autobahn Country Club brought out the usual suspects. The RS Motors Evos confidently sat at the front of their Time Attack heats.


ABCC: The Zima Motorsports E36 was a serious contender until catastrophic motor failure struck early in the weekend.


ABCC: Beautiful track prepped 993 being sent out on track.


ABCC: Trace Butow’s R32 don’t look too shabby in action.


ABCC: Chris Sullivan: part time GRIDLIFE photo crew, part time track rat, full time badass.


ABCC: Proceed boys Simba and Josh playing on the back of the course.


ABCC: Michael Hryckiewicz piloting the 666 turbo Vette.


ABCC: Autobahn’s North grid was packed with everything from the newest Z chassis to the AMG equipped CLA class.


ABCC: Andy’s GRIDLIFE livery looks so good.


ABCC: Time Attack driver’s sitting in wait. Awesome visor treatment on this 2Eleven driver’s helmet.


ABCC: Another track ready E36 waiting for his flyer laps during Final Grid on the South Course.


ABCC: Fish’s Rocket Bunny Boss kitted S14 made it out with its newly installed supercharger though it seemed to still be getting use to the tune.


ABCC: The man, the myth, the legend: Chris Stewart in his RHD Honda bus. Seen riding Miss Daisy throwing gang signs is Ginash JDMC.


ABCC: Saturday night yielded something rarely seen at ABCC: track at dusk. Mike Lee of TF Works ripped around the north course in his 5.0 Mustang as the sun set.


RATL: Road Atlanta proved to be an entirely new beast all together. The drift portion was bigger than it’s ever been with a laundry list of pros, locals, and midwest shredders making the trek down south. Here’s the Enjuku Racing dudes with Rob Parsons in tow.


RATL: With GRIDLIFE’s inaugural event at Road Atlanta came something else equally as epic: Full course drifting. Geoff Stoneback had no hesitation running full steam out of the Esses.


RATL: Will’s PZ Tuning Motorsports Civic yet again threw down some stellar times and had some close calls in traffic as seen by one of his on-board videos.



RATL: It was good to see some of the fast cars from up north clash with the locals.


RATL: Saw a familiar face on track- my friend Johnny is a Midwest transplant down south. His corvette powered Miata has come a long way since I saw it last.


RATL: The Pros gave ride alongs all weekend. Vaughn’s passengers always had a smile on their faces.




RATL: Epic trains ensued all weekend during each session.


RATL: The layout of Road Atlanta reminds me of Road America. Maybe a future stop for GRIDLIFE?


RATL: Fish seemed to have his tune dialed in since Autobahn CC. Another dude I was happy to see at RATL.


RATL: Another Risky Devil made the trek down and drove in usual fashion.


RATL: The GRIDLIFE Evo was present but this time being piloted by fellow RS Motors driver Brandon Ranvek.


RATL: My only prior experience with Road Atlanta was in Forza. This shot of Brandon could have been a capture from the game.


RATL: Cody Loveland Of LoveFab took some time on track with his Enviate Hypercar. SO awesome watching this thing lap.


RATL: A Touge Factory customer down south sporting a Voltex kit on his S2K.


RATL: Rad to see the little Datsun with the EcoTec motor made the trip.


RATL: More full course Pro drifting.


Brandon and Devin at Final Grid.


RATL: I’ll let Vaughn send sign this post off.

That’s all for now. I will have full sets posted from each event at some point.