Terms of Use

All of my images are © Brad Sillars.  This copyright exists with or without an image being watermarked (though most of mine are).

I photograph with the intent of sharing my work.  After all, what good is a visual piece of nobody gets to look at it?  With that said, there are certain terms for various usage of my work.


Sharing my work I do encourage you to share my work if you enjoy it!  I do ask that all instances of sharing the image is attributed to Me (Brad Sillars) and that the attribution appear with the image and a link to my website (http://bradsillars.com).  Watermarks (if present) must remain in tact and visible and no other text/graphics may be added to the image without permission.

Commercial Use and when a License is needed:  If an image is being used to drive viewers to a business, non-profit outlet,  or other entity  a license must be issued by Me and Me alone.  As a business it is your responsibility to do your due diligence to verify if a license is required for imagery before it is used.  Instances of commercial use that will require a license are:

  • Background images, banners, or other prominent aesthetic elements of a website either personal or business.
  • Social media posts creating a “call to action” to drive viewers to a product or business.
  • Promoting an event or fund-raising campaign
  • Promotional material for any sort of business,  profit or non-profit.
  • Advertising a product or service either in print or digital
  • Prints that appear in private homes, offices, or the public view
  • Editorial pieces appearing in outlets that gain revenue from ads or sales (magazines, newspapers, e-zines, etc)

Instances requiring a license are not limited to these examples.

 Failure to acquire the proper licensing : may result in suspension of web hosting for violation of the DMCA and Terms of Use set forth by web-hosts regarding hosting copyright infringing material and (depending on the infraction) a penalty of up to 10x the original licensing fee.


If you have a question about licensing please don’t hesitate to Contact me using the hotlink or emailing brad [AT] bradsillars.com